Meet the Midwives

Roseanne Seminara, CNM
is a partner in Park Slope Midwives and Director of Midwifery at New York Methodist Hospital. Before graduating from Columbia University's Nurse Midwife program in 1989, she worked as a registered nurse in the fields of Obstetrics, Public Health, Neonatology, and Pediatrics. A lifelong resident of the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace area, Roseanne has been working at New York Methodist Hospital since 1978. In addition, all of her children and grandchildren were born in New York Methodist's Labor and Delivery unit.

Donna Pynn, CNM
is one of the partners in Park Slope Midwives. She graduated from Columbia University in 1990 with a master's degree in Nurse Midwifery. Prior to founding the practice in 1993, she worked as a childbirth educator, a staff midwife for services in Brooklyn and Staten Island, and a registered nurse on Long Island College Hospital's Medical/Surgical unit and New York Methodist's Labor and Delivery. Donna has also served as a guest lecturer to SUNY Downstate's midwifery students and St. George University's medical students.

Anne Gudi, CNM
is one of the three original partners in Park Slope Midwives. After receiving her bachelor's from Penn State, she got a master's degree in 1985. She then earned a degree in Midwifery from Downstate in 1992.

Betsy Arnold-Leahy, CNM
chooses to help the world, one family at a time. She has been a midwife for over 25 years and in women's health for more than 35 years. After graduating from Columbia University's Midwifery program, Betsy worked for one year at North Central Bronx Hospital and then returned to St.Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village to start the Midwifery service. When St.Vincent's closed in 2010, Betsy joined Park Slope Midwives, where she enjoys serving the community of families in Brooklyn.

Jessica Goldman, CNM
is a lifelong Park Slope resident. After graduating from Yale with a degree in French Literature in 1993, she spent 2 years teaching middle school in Baltimore. Jessica received her MSN in Midwifery from Yale in 1999, then worked in a physician-owned private practice at Methodist from 1999-2007. She joined Park Slope Midwives in 2008. Both of her children were born at New York Methodist Hospital with the Park Slope Midwives.

Tanya McDermott, CNM
studied English Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz and worked as a medical editor before embarking on her midwifery career. In 2009 she graduated from Columbia University with a master's degree in Nurse Midwifery. She worked as a staff midwife at Coney Island Hospital for 2 years, serving a diverse patient population in the hospital's Obstetrics Clinic, Perinatal Diagnostic Center, and Labor and Delivery unit. Tanya was delighted to join Park Slope Midwives in 2012.